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Soleang Basaen ang kadamoang babasaeng sinulat sa #Kasiguranin (2000-2006)
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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Kagi Ng Ibun

Bayaning Casiguranin

Watch #HeneralLuna. Merun ding #BayaningCasiguranin

tortured by the Japanese, forcing him to give them the treasury money, he did not give in to the invading forces. the municipal treasurer and the mayor was killed in Casiguran during the Filipino-Japanese war. Later at the end of war, before their surrender, the leader was caught in action by the Casiguranin guerilla force. The Japanese soldier was killed in the encounter.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Luna is an interesting character. haven't watch the movie yet, but with the online positive comments, I must congratulate the producers and director and cast.

It was not the story of Aguinaldo, yet we are not excused from not tackling the thorny issues of the political revolution surrounding the republic. Luna belong to the Illustrados. Bonifacio was a member of the Liga. For which, Aguinaldo was not. There is connection between the illustrados through Bonifacio then Luna through the Spanish and American War. It was barbarous that they were assasinated at the very start of each wars. The ideology which sown the seed of revolution perished with the brains that hatched them. What was left was a band of soldiers with initial taste of war success lacking in ideology, saved by Mabini. Luna, who sat-in in military classes in Spain, knew how to build trenches and has a plan to defeat Americans as they reach the boondocks while the Americans pursue. Bonifacio knew freedom is the ultimate goal before the trappings of any form of government.   Revolutionaries who, over their dead bodies, will they never agree to a Biak na Bato deal or going back from exile aided by the Americans. Aguinaldo had none such backgrounds, which is important in the study of where does one come from in his decisions. The death of Bonifacio and Luna, may solve a lingering insecurity, and establish a legacy. Yet the making of a republic did not start at the raising of flag but of awakening national consciousness to willingly die for freedom.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Mina sa Casiguran?

Mina sa Casiguran?

Thursday, August 06, 2015


Our Batch are Martial Law babies. We began to gain consciousness in a country under Marcosian rule of Bagong Lipunan programs. We were rationed nutriban and trigu to eradicate undernourished children. We witnessed the DECS kabuhayan projects, when Marcos allowed teachers selling merchandise at class, the introduction of home economics. We were the last few to till the lands  under Youth Development Training. Before K12, the value of practical work and agro-technical skills are already part of curriculum then.

Walking was a big and natural part of going to school. Sometimes we need to run when late. And pick trashes as punishment when we dont make it to the raising of flag. There is a special scent of air at school, the iron pressed uniforms that was made stiffer by armidor, before there was downy - the scent of handwashed with superwheel and ajax was synonymous to freshness. The smell of newly sharpened pencils, the smell of pages from books, the texture of wood desks (before the plastic orocan), the moonsoon air passing through ceramics from old grown trees at the back. We played a lot and know exactly from the school ground where best to skillfully land the sipa, we could remember the arrangement of chess play we won and lost, the layup and winning shots we made. Until now, we can still imagine our seats and seatmates or the exact facial reactions of moments from past like video clips that can be rewinded and played.

We grew believing in Sipays that presumably snatched children to keep us at home better than curfews. When there was no cellphone and Internet, we were creative in using letters, even snail mails which is not the best way to keep a secret. We often make use of playtime and doing group assignments or borrowing books and notebooks as our social media and group chat which is also an opportunity to socialize. We knew how to create crafts with our hands, mastering the use of sandpaper to give a good finish to flower bases before applying varnish on final submittal. Before mp3 and ipods, we are captivated by the choir's renditions and jamming after school. We have our rock stars with school band before YouTube covers. We had no modern amenities yet all this shaped our character. Homecoming is like  a chance at second lives. We are young again. We are home again.

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