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Our Batch are Martial Law babies. We began to gain consciousness in a country under Marcosian rule of Bagong Lipunan programs. We were rationed nutriban and trigu to eradicate undernourished children. We witnessed the DECS kabuhayan projects, when Marcos allowed teachers selling merchandise at class, the introduction of home economics. We were the last few to till the lands  under Youth Development Training. Before K12, the value of practical work and agro-technical skills are already part of curriculum then.

Walking was a big and natural part of going to school. Sometimes we need to run when late. And pick trashes as punishment when we dont make it to the raising of flag. There is a special scent of air at school, the iron pressed uniforms that was made stiffer by armidor, before there was downy - the scent of handwashed with superwheel and ajax was synonymous to freshness. The smell of newly sharpened pencils, the smell of pages from books, the texture of wood desks (before the plastic orocan), the moonsoon air passing through ceramics from old grown trees at the back. We played a lot and know exactly from the school ground where best to skillfully land the sipa, we could remember the arrangement of chess play we won and lost, the layup and winning shots we made. Until now, we can still imagine our seats and seatmates or the exact facial reactions of moments from past like video clips that can be rewinded and played.

We grew believing in Sipays that presumably snatched children to keep us at home better than curfews. When there was no cellphone and Internet, we were creative in using letters, even snail mails which is not the best way to keep a secret. We often make use of playtime and doing group assignments or borrowing books and notebooks as our social media and group chat which is also an opportunity to socialize. We knew how to create crafts with our hands, mastering the use of sandpaper to give a good finish to flower bases before applying varnish on final submittal. Before mp3 and ipods, we are captivated by the choir's renditions and jamming after school. We have our rock stars with school band before YouTube covers. We had no modern amenities yet all this shaped our character. Homecoming is like  a chance at second lives. We are young again. We are home again.

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Please tag our kababayan Carmelians. May tinggi ka?

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From Instagram of Mica Baguio

From Instagram of Mica Baguio

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lumang gulong ng bisikleta
at tinepeng na kawayan
inukitan nang pagkabitan
sabay toglad sa gulong
paginan-ginan unonoden
ang tatarak kong gulong

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Kita na mamahaw
sa naburay kanina
Lalo pa't te tutong
maski anung sida
ay di na problema
buro man o biningkit
toyo din o mantika
sabaw o atong ay
talagang badat na
sa bahaw na kanen

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


te aperet ati atakdug
te petuyut rin at dikel
madideba o malangkaw
madisonong payog-payog
mabuko-bukong tangkay
esa, duwa telong hakbang
sosoleng urung-sulung
mabagal, mabilis na lakdaw
paluksu-luksung kabayo
sa kuda-kuda kung sing
langkaw ng balay me

Monday, June 22, 2015


Kumen na ubas
Mangitet maluto
Ginimer sa asen
malapes ang lasen
sinekmor molmolan
sepetan ang lasen
at iobla ang bukel
at itelen ang inggu
solesoleang kekan
masapled na dila
at hindi makasawa
ang prutas na sa
buked lang meta

Friday, June 19, 2015


wag mapereng sa dalan
kundi tumagu ang pako
at puro parapad malap
habang paangay sa uma
kaya talasan ang ileng
sa didigdig ng dalan
ay te pako at parapad
angay gataan ng nyog
sahugan ng sidang balon
pagkademet na sa uma

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