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Fidel Torre Salamera

He is one "idol" of many Casiguranins for his anecdotes are worth emulating and his legend difficult to duplicate - flying by helicopter in aid of Casiguranins who needed emergency medical attention, paving all poblacion roads, renovated Ermita Hill Chapel and facilitated unforgettable festive fiesta celebrations. He is incomparable to those before and after him who held his office. Because he appointed himself the title of public servant, by helping countless kababayans, even before his successful three year term as Mayor and short stint as Vice. He lost three times before and won the next three bid as Mayor then lost again the last. He was overwhelmingly given fresh mandate as Vice but was deposed out of technicality. He is friends to all, their Tyong, and his big heart would allow him to embrace back as allies and partners even former opposers. His unwavering love for and indefatigable service to Casiguranins was his mission.

During the victory celebration upon his first election as Mayor, he was christened "Mayor Pusit" alluding to his skin color as black as the squid ink, a name to define a new era of administration from his defeated rival with a nickname by another sea creature. Aptly so that "pusit" is a good cure to ulcer, the "mayor" was a man for the poor, that he is sensitive to the hunger of fellow kababayans for all the basic needs they so rightfully deserve. His official referrals to help all those who come to him for his personal attention are swiftly taken action. He even make sure to prioritize the rest before relatives. He makes sure to look after the benefits of other before self, a trait he lived to set an example even on the last days before his hospitalization. He is a forgiving man, for he does not keep records of offenses of others, and in many ways help again those who were once against him when political and economic fortune was not favorable. 

Fidel was the youngest of five siblings. The most maporma of them, with tantalazing eyes, the gait of an action star, a man of few words. The only one to follow after his father's footsteps as public official. His father was elected municipal councilor, whose popularity bolstered by personally financing the first Dimalang bridge. A project he never waited for the government to provide. He acted on this personally with his personal resources. The same trait of "man of action" became Fidel's signature, when he personally drove one construction vehicle to oversee constructing farm to market roads, among them named after his father Felix, now known as Salamera Boulevard in Barangay Calantas. Before his term ended, he had completed paving all poblacion roads. As a young man, he sought his destiny in Manila, which was innaccessible then compared to now. He managed to be successful on his own right as a construction foreman, the popular alternatives to "architects" or builders of that time. He accomplished several beautification and development projects of Ermita Chapel - earliest was the stairs reconstruction, grotto and later the ramp. His managerial and leadership abilities led him to supervisory positions that paved way for his friendships with former employers and colleagues that turned political supporters. He came back to Casiguran flying by helicopter, always making a one turn around the poblacion town to the enjoyment of kids following before it lands in the school's ground. He always sports all white apparel from head to toe, mostly in white shorts and white jacket and sunglasses. On those days, he was there either to pick-up a kababayan gravely ill that needed to be treated in a hospital in Manila or bring home a deceased kababayan to save from harsh days of travel by land and sea. Aside from helicopters, he likes riding mortorcycles, some of his old photos were with the latest model of that time. And in retirement still was his favorite mode of transport.  He was a fun-loving person and plays accordion during family gatherings. He would share this fun-loving personality during fiesta celebrations, bring drum and bugle corps to complete the fiesta mood spirit. He even participated in a show where he was run over by a truck. A trick that added more myth to his person. As Mayor, he was the best cheerleader of Casiguranin athletes during provincial competitions, always at the finish line to hand over a gift cash. Those cash were bulging from his two pockets, which he intended to give all to his constituents, as a father, for the enjoyment of those he served. He spoils yet as strict as an administrator, specially in getting rid of drug addiction during his term, where he would deal personally to castigate suspected addicts and trouble makers. Valorous, out of experience, where he was once the leader of a group that maintains peace and order in Pandacan at a time when riots and gang war were common along the rails. He is no stranger to putting his life in danger for a cause, which was probably an awareness he gained from surviving the war as a young gentleman. His presence, specially on stage, and his voice and bright rhetorics always get the attention of the crowd. 

We can list all projects, all favors and help he extended, yet all those aren't true measure of his real achievement which was integrity of service, of living simply for as long as there is Coke in a meal. He came to power already a self-made man who can easily live a comfortable private life without aspiring for public office, yet he chose to serve. He followed his heart and offered himself, his life to people. After his term, he came back to normal life esteemed, led a frugal life and regal in defeat. He showed a life by example of not enriching oneself, of not using influence to secure a better retirement. His answer to critics was that he had not hidden anything. He is a true gift to Casiguranins made possible by the sacrifices of his family so that we can have his time and attention. Tyang Belen, the woman behind his success, could have only gotten his full attention during bed rest, for the earliest sign of strength, he would again dare to risk all to return to his beloved Casiguran. His favorite song is philosophic;

Ang lahat ng bagay sa mundo'y napaparang
Kung mayrun lungkot, merun ding kaligayahan

Now that he has rested, singing the same song with matching accordion in honor of his Creator, following His voice on earth as in heaven, Vox Populi Vox Dei. We  surely miss the man who helped others and followed the voice of the people. We can pay our respect by paying forward to others the same charity he lived by as code. Expecting no return for the public service he rendered selflessly with joy - he lived life to the fullest. A very giving and forgiving man. Tyong Fidel, idol. [A tribute from "Agta Ako" by Roderick Salamera Morfe ]

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Saturday, April 20, 2013


Why am I against APECO? Not because I am against progress, not because am not in favor of the new roads that was built, not because I don't want new jobs for our townmates. I am against APECO because of the injustices that were committed and future violations that comes with its implementation. Yes, I am in favor of APECO if without the reasons that are only fully known to its authors.

I am Agta Casiguranin. A minority group of twenty thousand people that speak its own dialect. I am aboriginal. I belong to the land of Casiguran where I was born. I saw the first light surrounded by our Agta brothers. Where there is one townmate evicted  by  a so called law that would provide convenience to some, I would side with the few that are victimized by the State. Therefore, I am one with all the reasons and motivations of the one hundred twenty marches that walked the 370 kilometer trail. I am against the law that was written and railroaded in a few months.

Today, our brothers are on their trail, walking along the same streets that connects the seat of power to the land of APECO, holding on their ropes that keeps them aligned as they walk and chant their grievances. As of this writing, they are in Plaridel Bulacan. As you read this in the comforts of your home or office or from smartphone, they are there doing their share of fighting not only for their own rights and self-interest but for the dignity of all Casiguranins. Our Indigineous people and brothers fighting for the principle of freedom that was the reason for which democracy was fought for by our heroes. So that no law can abridge the freedom of even the lowliest member of our society. The pen that makes laws today should not undo the sacrifices of our forefathers so that we can afford to live without masters. Ang gara ng buhay.

APECO is a law of discrimination. It discriminates the indigenous people and their rights to live. It discriminates the Aurorans of their right to have a voice. It discriminates the poor who has no access to government channels. It discriminates the intellect of every citizen by passing a law that evicts the people from their land. It discriminates common sense by saying that a law makes everything justified and that none has been unjustly relocated because they were bought. It discriminate the people assuming they are too dumbed and afraid to go against the powerful and influential.

APECO is not sustainable. One billion taxpayers' money has been spent without a single locator. The law was expanded twice to include virtually the whole town failed to give real development. All roads improvement are not enough justification as a bargain because the government has the obligation to provide those even without such laws. The authors themselves, facing their conscience, would probably have doubts of the viability of this endeavour for how come a law precedes real opportunity and force the laws of market? APECO is a continuation of the old problem and menace of legal logging where only a few perpetuates and enrich themselves of the natural resource of the country. Only this time, they include to massively and legally land grab the whole town.

APECO is also a single question that should be answered by its author before aspiring for a new office and people's mandate. If only the five million steps by each of the one hundred twenty Casiguran marchers would count.

[First Draft. Apr 20. Please share this article]

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The End of Dynasty

Marcos, Erap, Gloria learned that having power is not forever. The young Aurora dynasty may have yet to recognize that the 125 Marchers could be the catalyst that will pull the start of the end of the about to be formed Apeco Empire. In a few months will be election time and as much as it was the majority vote that elected them to be able to create Apeco, they are clinging to that fresh mandate to continue the lineage of power from father to son. Apeco that has grown now into a national issue will decide the fate of the young legislator and the veteran who like Gloria will run for local office when they are barred from holding on their higher office. (to be continued..)
I admire the eloquence of our kababayan agta more than the President. The president came prepared to say "let's study". He was briefed to say what is politically right. He said he is not a dictator but in so saying appears he was dictated and taught by his public relations coaches. That's why this president is not destined to be great.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

11 Years Ago

We have the modern hacienderos in the guise of these politicians and
businessmen. They are in connivance against the best interest of the poor,
people whom they claim to serve but offers nothing but lip service.

Any genuine development must benefit the majority before any
private individual or businessmen. Did you hear them say, "we need
"! Show us the Business Plan first.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Agta View on APECO

Let's try to answer:

1. Reasons behind APECO. Was Casiguran's and Casiguranins' betterment really was the main reason for the passage of this law?
2. Who else benefit from it and did anyone made money out of the initial budget aside from the logging concessionaire who had his share of earned income by simply selling his rights to log from San Ildefonso?
3. Analysis of the first COA Report on APECO's expenditures?
4. Who are the investors and what type of businesses that will be put up?
5. Transgression of Property rights and the State's right to Eminent Domain.
6. The background and time element in the passage of this law

We welcome progress for as long as it is really for the common good. It will be good less the private greedy interest who would benefit more from the project in the name of misinformed Casiguranins.

If you have information about the project thaht you would like to share in formulating this opinion, please email us at

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Casiguran Aurora 2011 COA Annual Audit Report

COA is doing a good job of uploading recent Annual Audit Reports from Casiguran Aurora. Here's the link to COA website to download zipped documents or read below PDF version.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Si Yaya Poncing Esteves ang nasa video magkanta ng "Aaryoken Kita" na sinalin sa kaging Casiguranin.

Paki share po sa kababayan monda lalong mahalen ang kagi tam

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Comment to Post

Salamat sa inspirasyon:
"amah makatawa juh tung site n naangayan ko ah...jableg yan...proud n proud aq s mga kasiguranin at s kkasiguran ehhehe....bukod s mataalino at maggaling ang mga agta... daig p nila ang mga mggling na manunulat kau n tlga...tukoy q n adayo pah maanagayan moy"- gubwat

Angara Province

Instead of the move to create a new Angara municipality, we'd rather push for renaming Aurora to Angara Province for many reasons.

- the establishment of APECO which converted and dedicated the entire province into APECO Land without consultation. As a result, whether private property or reservation lands were unabashedly claimed in the name of imminent domain in favor of the Zone.
 - the current public servants are Angaras and we owe to them beginning from Dr. Juan the many infrastucture developments that cost millions in favor of many Aurorans (soon Angarians)

- Quezon or Aurora did not really serve as elected public servants or held public office in this province.

- Edong is the "Father of Aurora"
- we can erase from history the other governors when this province wast first a sub-province and the forgetables provincial first board members, and the many other mayors who had served more than the tenure of Dr. Juan's political career. There were public servants who had more than 10 years of public service but they are not privileged to have political powerhouse to qualify to or even imagine creating a town for themselves.

Long live Angara Province!

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It's More Fun Without..

Catched Fr. Joefran in Facebook chat and got updated of our reservation farmers' camping out at DAR.

Our reservation farmers are camppiong out in front of DAR office. they were there since April 16.
This blog supports our farmers.

They made it their home, they made it flourish — and they will not budge.
Surrounded by rice sacks reaped from Sitio Reserva, Nanay Florentina Solis elaborated to onlookers the long history that the residents of her community have had with their farming grounds. “Nanirahan na kami dito nang mahigit limang dekada na, inararo ito’t pinayabong ang yaman ng lupa. Kaya naman palagay ko’y karapatan namin ang pagpapasya sa pangangalaga at paggamit dito.” (“We have been residing here for more than five decades now, tilling it to productivity. That’s why I believe it’s only right that the decision on what to do with it, preserving it, should come from us.”)

Even as peasant movements rejoice over the Supreme Court’s ruling to redistribute Hacienda Luisita, a new threat has begun to loom over popular struggles for land-to-the-tiller and for food-on-every-table, rural support groups declared earlier today. Both are being stymied by a 12,923 megaproject now materializing in Casiguran, Aurora. At an encampment outside the Department of Agrarian Reform Central Office, groups and individuals campaigning against the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport (APECO) alerted the public to the sinister food security effects that one of the Philippines’ newest ecozones will impose upon the country, if finally carried to completion.

In a statement, Deling Constantino, a rice grower in Sitio Reserva for 50 years, said it worries her that the proponents of the Apeco project will sacrifice hectares of fruitful rice fields, that is producing around 11,048.36 metric tons (11,048,360 kilograms) of rice enough to feed thousands of people. Constantino, despite the hardship, had travelled far to join the indefinite campout of the anti-Apeco organizations and their supporters in-front of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) national headquarters in Quezon City.

More News:

Photo from:

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Luta - Documentary

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Casiguran Human Rights

Fr. Jofran believes that the attack is related to his advocacy and assistance to sectors opposing the establishment of an economic zone in the province. according to him, the project will displace indigenous peoples, farmers, fisherfolks, and their families, particularly those within the municipality of Casiguran.  Fr. Jofran emphasized that despite the enormous impact that the project will bring to the people, no consultation with them was made.
download PDF document from

Friday, February 24, 2012

Unity Statement of International Delegates

[Statement] We stand with the people of Casiguran in their struggle against APECO! -ISM « Human Rights Online Philippines
We have seen that APECO has sought to reduce the people of Casiguran to complete powerlessness, and that it has stripped those impacted of any voice and democratic control over the ecozone. It has instigated a process that will violently eject them from the lands, livelihoods and communal ties that they have carefully cultivated over the generations, while consigning the integrity of the municipality’s natural environment to total and utter jeopardy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Casiguran Tourism

stories on shoestrings
There are no fine-dining restaurants in Casiguran. To experience the local cuisine, try the eateries and carinderia in the market and near the terminal. Prior to going to the resorts, make sure to buy food especially fresh malasigue (blue marlin) at P100/kilo! This is a sure delight. You can ask Kuya Richard to cook meals for you when you get to the resort.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Taginep na Lukag
Sosolean sa Isip
Sumangkay dumarosdos
Lumugso sa Tangki
Magtan-aw sa buked
Sulegen mga paluko
Baybayen mga dalan
Magdasal sa kapilya
Umetnod sa Akasya
Magbasa ng Pasyon
Sumangkay Dumideba
Sa prusisyon at penitensya
Makipagketa Makimorey
Magbilang ng baytang
Tumakneg sa ditanga
Ontok ng dalan pa Minanga
Sambat ang buked at langet
Dito sa disono mapayapa
Ermita ay pinto sa langet

Photo from Kelly

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Kelan hinumiwalay ang Dilasag sa Casiguran? Gustung makatukoy ng mga istorya sa bayan? Magpatawed ng email sa

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Komedya - Moromoro Part II

Katongko nung primerong post na letratu ng komedya sa kotam. Te lumang letratu ng komedya? I-tag [@Agta Ako] para puronen tam o mag-email sa

Friday, September 16, 2011

Panalangin ng Bansa

Ama ng sangkatauhan...

Lingapin mo po kami at punuin ng iyong awa ang aming mga puso upang magkaroon kami ng tibay ng loob at talino, na matutuhan naming magmuni, nang sa gayon ay makilala namin ang aming mga kahinaan at lakas.

Marami po sa amin ang nakapamuhay sa gitna ng katiwalian, kasakiman at karahasan, at naipagwalang bahala namin ang katotohanang ang bansang ito - o alinmang bansa sa daigdig - ay di nabubuhay, sasagana at uunlad kung kami'y hindi magtuturingang magkakapatid na nagsusumikap hindi sa pansariling kapakanan lamang kundi para sa kapakanan nglahat.

Bigyan mo po kami ng lakas ng loob upang kami ay makapagbagong buhay at ng matalikdan namin sa habang panahon ang aming mga kasakiman at katiwalian at iba pang masasamang asal.

Ipahintulot Mo pong makilala namin ang aming mga sarili at malaman namin kung ano ang tungkuling dapat naming gampanan, imulat Mo po kami, buksan mo ang aming mga puso at isipan sa mga bagay na kailanang naming gawin, at sa mga bagay na maari naming magawa upang ang masagana at marilag na lupaing ito ay magsilbing aliw at katuwaan sa lahat ng kanyang mamamayan.

Kami na po ang nagtakda sa aming sarili ng mabigat at walang katapusang tungkulin; patnubayan Mo nawa kami sa aming pagpapakasakit at huwag mo pong itulot na kami ay manghinawa o magkulang ng pananalig, o maghangad ng pabuyang higit sa makatarungan, at sa halip ay makasumpong kami ng labis-labis na kabayaran sa aming pagpapagod sa kasiyahang nadarama namin sa aming mga gawain, at ng sa ganito ay matagpuan namin ang lubos na kahalagaan ng aming mga sarili.

Pagkatapos namin ng gawain sa maghapon, turuan Mo po kami na maghanda para sa aming gawain sa kinabukasan sapagkat iyon ay bahagi ng aming pagpapakasakit; ipag-adya mo kami sa hibo ng maluhong pamumuhay, sa paghahanap ng mga kaluwagan at pribilehiyo, gayundin naman sa paghahangad ng kapangyarihan at kalabisang sumisira sa aming pagkatao; at sa halip gawin Mo po kaming isang lahing may tibay at tatag, nagsasarili, masayahin at makatwiran.

Patnubayan mo po ang sa amin ay namumuno na kumilos at magpasiya nang buong tatag ngunit may pagpapakumbabang dala ng katalinuhan, katalinuhang batay sa katarungan, katarungang salig sa sa damdaming maka-tao, at patnubayan mo rin silang mga kumikilala sa kanilang mga tunay na karapatan at pananagutan bilang tao at bilang bahagi ng lipunan.

Pawiin Mo po sa aming mga puso ang galit, ang sama ng loob at hinanakit, ang mga sigalot ng nakaraan. alisin mo rin sa aming kalooban ang mga pag-aalinlangan at pagkaigatig sa kasalukuyan. Ang aming mga pagpapakasakit ay dalisayin Mo upang magsilang ng sambayanang siya na ring sariling lakas ngayon, at saksi ng magandang kinabukasan.

(Source: Local Government Seminar Prayer, 1980s)

Kasiguranin Word of the Day

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Kasiguranin Word of the Day

Please write in the comments section the definition of the dictionary podcast above.

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Komedya - Moromoro

Maalala moy ang komedya o moromoro sa Casiguran nung araw? I-like o i-share at solean ang wall para sa susunud na letratu ng komedya sa kotam.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Inaaryok kita sa gibi at aldew
Inaaryok kita sa gibing daringetnget

Esang ngiret mo lang, puso ko'y nabihag
Inaaryok, dinudulaw kita lake

Ngunit esang aldew lake, nakalipon ka
Nilakadan mo ang puso kong mag-giyekgiyek

Sakali man lake, sadyang lipon mo na
Inaaryok, dinudulaw kita lake

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Casiguran Photo(s)

Felix Custodio (ca:1930s)
Photo from Lola Elo furnished on Morey 2000 (Laguna). Original was returned. Kung te luma kang letratu alap sa Casiguran, pwede nang i-post sa Facebook o i-link o upload tam dito. Mag-email sa

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Photo: Basco

Paalam Acacia!
Kalahati ng ugat mo ay ng buked
na magpatibay sa Ermita
Ang ninumo ay maalamat
na magkudos ang bawat duun na mateknag
kaya naman angay pinaukit ang banal na imahen ng Awa
At maski sa tutod ay hindi ka natinag
Maski sa Moro ay hindi nagpatalo
Kulub tinebteban ng pasolesole ang buked mo
Inebutan sa pag-aakalang te gintu!
Damo ay dalan pa-Kabuleg
pati dalan para makasangkay ang te sasakyan
Ngay-un, lang bale ang katapusan
Tanging si Juaning lang bale ang makategray!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thank You COA!

Casiguran 2009 and 2010 Audit reports uploaded.

Casiguran Online Community, is a representation of the unrepresented sentiment of the people, specially the common tao - that we are concerned as individuals (unpolitical members) and helpless at the same time as to what redress or recourse to correct the path and priorities of our leaders. Yet the start of alleviation is to recognize the source of our nation's ills - corruption starting from the grassroots. By addressing the 'recommendations' by our able field auditors nationwide, based on their recurring findings of irregularities, we will be in our path towards national transformation. Theorising that a change in pagkatao of our leaders will change radically our pagkabansa. That audits will take us to better leadership, and if there is an enabling law to make sure these recommendations are monitored, with repercussion as to how the succeeding budget will be implemented depending on the implementations of previous findings. We know, that is already beyond COA's scope, yet we are wishful thinking that all these reports will be given utmost importance to the highest extent by the government 

Monday, July 18, 2011


All reports by Auditors, specially from local government units, should be uploaded immediately and soft copies available to respective regional and national offices. What if the Auditor lost his copies and not uploaded online? The only ones who have copies are the same officials who are subject of the COA  Audit findings. Although reports are locally available, and in theory can be requested from local officials, there is a degree of indisposition from ordinary Juan to just personally approach the administration in question, unless as cause-oriented group, where such right to information been rather served than available upon request. In our experience, where securing copies locally in the municipal level is the last option, took four years since 2008 and we have run circle of going back to receive the copies from the Auditor. When the Auditors already emailed the reports to COA website, it should be downloadable, and email inquiries to COA webmaster should merit reply. COA Website is an excellent democratic tool of government in its drive for transparency and against corruption where every citizen has access to such information to encourage public concern and open discussion, thus more accountability of public servants. We cannot achieve openness and transparency without accessibility of Information.

Casiguranin? Join Yahoogroups and read more from fellow Agtas here:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Late na mina-upload. Salamat sa atanan. Maki-morey!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Casiguran Agta Benefactors

Reading this:

flashed back this early (dotcom)munications:
and this:

wondering and expecting to hear from another Casiguranin Agta benefactor on the issue of tribal rights - sadly a quick online query referred to his passing:

Above are examples of those who devoted life to our own Casiguranin Agta's welfare, an American and a German. Ironically in the age of people power, recently with Egypt, we experience eviction and disempowerment of our people from their own land in the guise of progress, not (directly) by foreigners (who are investors) but more so intriguingly one of our own. 

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

APECO Senate Hearing

Transcript of the APECO hearing (Nov 11)

Serge's Interview after the APECO hearing

CAMAREA's comments on the Issue

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Anung ma-alaala mo ng pagsakay sa Cabanatuan terminal? Hating-gabi sumakay sa Cubao monda umabut ng first trip pa-Casiguran. Pag tinanghali kulub sa estribu makipagseksekan o sa paluku makaule lang. O kaya naman ay baka inabut mo pa ang weapon, o mag-abeng? Karon na umule sa dire-diretsong byaheng aircon!

Monday, December 06, 2010


Nakalipon ka na?
Na minelegeb ang Casiguran?
Gamet ng tumbador?
Ng mga pabaya?
Ng mga natapalan?
Ng mga tidug?
Ng mga inukeg?
Ng mga magburek-burekan?
Ng mga magtuleng-tulengan?

Nakalipon ka na ngani!
Ng garakaw ang baha!
Ng nabanlik ang ladey!
Ng magkatay ang mga hayupan!
Ng magpaggarokgok ang babuy!
Ng inepar ang paluku!
Ng kumapit sa igut umarabes!
Ng lipoteken ang balabalay!
Ng magbalsa umaraw sa Ermita!

Kelan ka maalimpungatan?
Kelan beman Dyu? Kelan pa lake?
Nakalipon ka na ngani!

Agta Ako, ©June 7, 2005

Monday, November 29, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Book Donations

Books and magazines donations to Casiguran Youth through the facilitation and help of Sir Johnny. Do you have books to donate?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Casiguran 20/20

It's been 10 years since these banners were first seen in Poblacion streets. In 2009, we held our "Motyong Morey" in celebration of our 400th town founding. What is your vision of Casiguran 10 years from now? Please write in your comments how you envision Casiguran in year 2020 (Morey 20/20).

2000 Awareness Campaign

2003, Typhoon Harurot

2004 Protest

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oldest Casiguranin Legal Document?

Could this be the oldest Casiguran Legal Document (70 years old), an Official Receipt dated April 1940? If you have old documents or piece of Casiguranin history to share, please upload photo in Casiguran Facebook.
Casiguran as reflected in the receipt below was part of Tayabas (later named after Quezon).

(updated entry)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chasing Casiguran

Manila Bulletin Travel Feature on Casiguran
The road from here to Baler is being improved due to the economic zone to attract capitalists.
Progress is most welcomed. Are capitalist the only way we could have good roads in 400 years?

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